Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Victor Conte

Victor Conte SNAC SystemVictor Conte was the founder and director of BALCO Laboratories.

BALCO conducted mineral and trace element research with elite Olympic and professional athletes for over twenty years. Victor also founded the SNAC System.

The SNAC acronym stands for Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning. Victor's company has developed an entire line of sports nutrition supplements including their well known flagship product ZMA.

Victor is a world-renowned sports nutritionist who has provided consultation to hundreds of elite athletes from a variety of sports including football, baseball, bodybuilding, basketball, tennis, track and field and swimming.

Victor Conte's SNAC System develops and manufacturers some of the top bodybuilding supplements in the industry including: ZMA, ZMA-5 with 5-HTP, Aerobitine, Vitalyze, ZMA Nightcap, Proglycosyn, ProQuick, Physiobalm, Super Citrimax, and multi-vitamins.

Victor Conte recently published a book entitled: BALCO: The Strainght Dope on Steroids, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and What We Can Do to Save Sports...

Victor Conte, Former President and Founder of BALCO, Reveals What He Knows about Steroid Use in Sports in an Explosive New Book Coming in 2009

Victor Conte, founder of BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative) and the centerpiece of the New York Times bestseller Game of Shadows, finally tells his side of the “BALCO Affair,” the steroids-in-sports scandal that has shocked and captured the attention of the entire world. Because of his first-hand involvement, Conte can tell it all exactly as it went down, from the illegalities of the original BALCO raid to the truth regarding the involvement of Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, and other elite athletes implicated in the scandal. This is a one-of-a-kind book that cannot be recreated or impersonated. No one has the complete inside knowledge of BALCO that Victor Conte does, and no one else dares to reveal the truth about the steroids-in- sports investigations, the charges, the behind-the-scenes negotiations, the sentencings, and the dark side of the sports world.

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